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Private Group & Family Travel


Private Group & Family Travel is based on you forming your own group of friends, family, club or association  members and embarking on a specialized adventure holiday, where you’ve chosen the destination, date of departure and special features so that it is tailor made to achieve the objectives you desire from your holiday. 

Our expertise helps makes your adventure come to life literally. We will liaise closely with you to work out the best people  places and things to visit, the right time to visit them and what you’ll need to take with you along the way.

Private Group & Family Travel
is for travellers who seek cultural experience, group or family bonding adventure, an educational adventure or just plain fun in the great outdoors without having to compete with the interests of travellers who may have different objectives to your own.


Australian Walking Holidays is an exclusive ground operator as well as retail tour operator. We run the trips we create and sell, using our own guides in our own vehicles. Because we are the actual ground operator, we can provide exceptional quality and reliability. Because we actually create the trips, our knowledge of the destinations is unbeatable. Our guides are true professionals and have worked with us for years to create fantastic trips, that knowledge from the field filters throughout the business, from reservations to management.

Australian Walking Holidays
are also great value as by booking direct with the operator you do not have to pay exorbitant commissions to travel agents. By owning our own operations, we also have fantastic flexibility; we can create special itineraries and private group charters easily. From 2 days to 2 months and groups from 2 to 20, contact enquiries@australianwalkingholidays.com.au to arrange a tailor made quote.  We have the expertise, guides, equipment, permits and insurance to take you group almost anywhere in Australia. We can also do a private departure on any of our regular itineraries based on a minimum group of 8 paying passengers.

Here are a few hints that will help us get you on the right track. 

  1. Trip departure date 
  2. Trip length in days
  3. Number of people in group
  4. Any special requests