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Immortalised in Banjo’s Patterson’s bush epic The Man From Snowy River, the iconic Snowy is one of Australia’s great wild rivers, twisting through some of the country’s most breathtaking remote wilderness.

Rising from the eastern slopes of the Snowy Mountains—“up by Kosciusko’s side”—this spectacular waterway carves its path through the striking limestone, sandstone and granite forms of the Great Dividing Range, cutting steep gorges and spilling over white water rapids and waterfalls.

Rich with indigenous history and significance, teeming with wildlife and blessed with landscapes of remarkable beauty, this is some of Australia’s most remote and romantic country.

Our outstanding Snowy River rafting adventures will see you paddling through towering forest-clad gorges and over heart-pumping rapids, keeping watch for brumbies, kangaroos, emus, wombats, platypus and sea eagles as you float gently downstream towards your next night’s camp.

Hone your white water skills on a 5-day rafting adventure, or tackle our challenging 10-day kayak expedition—join us for a life-changing journey down this magnificent river!


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Exceptional Leadership

As our client feedback will attest to, there is no better team of leaders than those at Australian Walking Holidays. Their expertise & knowledge is matched only by their friendly nature and their desire to impart everything they know about the Australian landscape to you.

Small Groups

We think small is good; it limits the environmental impact and allows you to forge life-long friendships with like-minded travellers. Feedback from our clients attests to the appeal of the small group dynamic – our clients say it's this that makes it special.

Your Comfort

The best available food, warmth and shelter is standard on our active wilderness holidays, with selected character lodgings as well as quality camp craft and equipment. This ensures that you have the most rewarding and memorable experience.


Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel is at the core of everything we do, which is why have policies in place to ensure destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity. Environmental values filter through every aspect of the company, from the minimal impact camping procedures through to the interpretation of environment. The aim is to give you big adventures while we maintain a small footprint!

In the winter months (July and August) temperatures can drop to below zero in the Snowy Mountains. In the summer months, days are long and warm, and visitors can opt to swim throughout the day when visiting the Snowy River.

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