• 7 days walking
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 6 Dinners
  • 7 Lunches
  • 6 Breakfasts

7 Days$3895AUD

Trip Code: KNE

Karijini National Park and Ningaloo Reef Trip highlights

  • Indulge in a refreshing swim amidst the stunning beauty of the Ningaloo Reef.
  • Explore the renowned Weano Gorge, Kalamina, and Joffre Gorges on an unforgettable walking adventure.
  • Discover ancient gorges adorned with serene swimming holes.
  • Ascend the heights of Mount Bruce, the second-highest peak in Western Australia.
  • Relax in the evenings as the guides prepare delicious 3 course meals
  • Experience the charm of Bullara Station, an authentic outback station awaiting your visit.
  • Relax in cosy outback accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Why Book With Us

  • Choose the unparalleled expertise of Australia's leading tourism provider with nearly 50 years of experience, backed by countless client testimonials and prestigious awards.
  • Retreat to cosy accommodations each night, seamlessly blending comfort and style, providing a haven of relaxation after days filled with exploration.
  • Indulge in the luxury of intimate exploration with our small group sizes, granting you exclusive access to hidden gems and personalised attention throughout your Karijini and Ningaloo adventure.
  • Experience an unparalleled adventure with our guides, unmatched professionals in adventure exploration, setting us apart as the premier choice in tourism.
  • Relax and revel in the seamless flow of your expedition, where meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure a stress-free and enjoyable exploration of Karijini and Ningaloo, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime.

Embark on a captivating journey as we explore the dramatic gorges of Karijini National Park and revel in the beauty of the Ningaloo Reef, striking the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Our expedition commences in Exmouth where we spend two days exploring the enchanting Ningaloo Reef. before travelling east to Karijini, where we encounter some of the world's most remarkable features and landscapes. With a leisurely pace, ample time is dedicated to absorbing the essence of the Pilbara region and indulging in refreshing swims in its picturesque swimming holes. Spend four nights in Karijini, engaging in walks, swims, exploration, and moments of pure relaxation.



We will collect you from Exmouth (Learmonth) Airport or Exmouth town. Our first day in the awe-inspiring Ningaloo Reef area invites us to appreciate the beauty of the region from solid ground. Locally known as the Badjirrajirra Trail, this 7km walk guides us into the heart of Cape Range National Park. Winding through limestone karst, the trail unveils gorges and showcases the expansive spinifex country, treating us to panoramic views that seem to stretch endlessly. Following our exploration of the Charles Knife Canyon, we'll head to coastal waters for our first swim and snorkel opportunity, including a scenic, well earned lunch. In the afternoon we will head to Bullara Station and our accommodation for the next 2 nights. This unique experience allows us to immerse ourselves in the tranquility and rugged beauty of the Australian outback. Due to flight schedules the itinerary varies slightly according to arrival time. All departure dates will still go to all the same gorges and sights. Limited flight schedules into the area necessitate group arrival flights into Exmouth (Learmonth) as listed below to line up with the included group transfer. The itineraries are listed below. FLIGHT PERTH TO EXMOUTH (LEARMONTH) - ARRIVAL FLIGHT - DAY ONE OF TOUR MONDAY DEPARTURES QF1602 depart Perth 08:40, arrive Exmouth (Learmonth) 10:40 TUESDAY AND THURSDAY DEPARTURES QF1602 depart Perth 10:10, arrive Exmouth (Learmonth) 12:10 If you aren’t travelling on the group flight you must arrive BEFORE the group flight as the group cannot wait for later flight arrivals. We recommend you book your arrival flight at the same time you confirm your booking with us to guarantee your spot. If you wish to explore the area further prior to your tours departure we can alternatively offer a complimentary pickup in Exmouth town on day one of your tour. If you wish to choose this option, please discuss this with your reservations consultant. As a highly recommended activity, we suggest considering a whaleshark tour if you are in town prior to your tours departure. This can be seamlessly added to your tour either during the booking process or by consulting with your reservations consultant, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable experience. Accommodation: Bullara Station

Meals:  L,D

Embarking on a day of exploration, we'll venture into the captivating landscapes of Cape Range National Park. Our itinerary unfolds with a series of short walks, invigorating snorkels at stunning locations like Turquoise Bay and Oyster Stacks, and refreshing swims along the pristine coastline. This immersive experience allows us to discover the coastal wonders and witness the vibrant marine life that inhabits the crystal-clear waters. As we traverse the park, keep an eye out for the elusive rock wallabies and marvel at the incredible array of sea life, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Western Australia's coastal beauty. Our journey continues with an exploration of Mandu Mandu Gorge (3km), where the rugged scenery and unique geological features captivate our senses. Later in the day, we'll return to our accommodation at Bullara Station. This day promises to be fabulous and relaxed, offering a perfect blend of adventure and serenity in the heart of Cape Range National Park. Accommodation: Bullara Station

Meals:  B,L,D

After our exhilarating exploration of Ningaloo Reef, it's time to give our legs a well-deserved rest on this travel day. Given the vast expanse of Western Australia, our journey across to Karijini will consume the whole day. However, the anticipation for what lies ahead will keep our spirits high as we traverse this magnificent terrain. Upon our arrival in Karijini, a breathtaking sight awaits as we witness the sun gracefully setting into the vast expanse of the outback landscape. This celestial display serves as a fitting welcome to the rugged wonders that await us in Karijini National Park. We'll make our way to Karijini Eco Retreat, where we'll relish another night under the outback stars. Accommodation: Karijini National Park – Eco Retreat | Driving Time: Approx. 8hrs

Meals:  B,L,D

To commence our first action packed day, we'll start by exploring the awe-inspiring Dale's Gorge. This iconic location features the stunning Circular Pool and Fern Pool, set against the backdrop of deep red rocks and cascading waterfalls—a truly unforgettable Karijini experience. After immersing ourselves in the beauty of Dale's Gorge, we'll take a leisurely visit to the Visitor's Centre to gather information about the park and perhaps indulge in a refreshing ice cream. Following our stop at the Visitor's Centre, our journey continues to the spectacular Kalamina Gorge. While the path may present some rocky and uneven terrain, this walk is generally considered more manageable, offering a mostly gentle descent. At the base of the gorge, a pristine swimming hole awaits, providing the perfect opportunity to cool off amidst the natural wonders of Karijini. Once we've enjoyed the serenity of Kalamina Gorge, we'll head back to our accommodation for another delightful evening meal beneath the twinkling stars of the outback sky. Accommodation: Karijini National Park – Eco Retreat

Meals:  B,L,D

Mount Bruce stands as Western Australia's second-highest peak, and the Mt Bruce walk trail offers a magnificent ridge walk, featuring challenging yet rewarding steep and rocky sections. Along the route, one side provides a breathtaking vista of the Karijini Range, while the other reveals the expanse of an iron ore mine. This 9.5 km return journey will occupy a significant portion of our day, and the effort invested is undoubtedly justified by the stunning views and unique perspectives it offers. In the afternoon, we'll have the opportunity to walk right from our central accommodation to explore and take a refreshing dip at Joffre Falls, adding a delightful and rejuvenating conclusion to our day of exploration. Accommodation: Karijini National Park – Eco Retreat

Meals:  B,L,D

Embarking on our exploration, we'll delve into the heart of Karijini National Park, immersing ourselves in the enchanting landscapes of two iconic gorges – Hancock and Weano. While the walks present challenges in certain sections, they are well within reach for adventurers. Expect to navigate through some wading and clambering on rocks and ledges, as each step brings us closer to the breathtaking jade pools nestled deep within the narrow gorge walls. Our journey will unfold amid the stunning scenery, with highlights including the serene Kermits Pool and the captivating Handrail Pool. These natural wonders are sure to leave an indelible impression, offering moments of tranquility and awe in the midst of Karijini's rugged beauty. As the day unfolds, we'll relish the unique experiences these gorges provide, and enjoy a rejuvenating dip. As the day's adventures draw to a close, we'll return to our accommodation, carrying the excitement of our Karijini National Park experiences with us. Anticipation builds for the upcoming exploration of Ningaloo Reef, where a new chapter of awe and wonder awaits us. Accommodation: Karijini National Park – Eco Retreat

Meals:  B,L,D

Having marveled at the enchantments of Karijini National Park, today beckons us to savor the region's beauty one last time. After a delightful breakfast, our journey unfolds towards Knox Gorge. Nestled as a profound chasm intersecting Wittenoom Gorge, Knox Gorge unveils its secrets just a stone's throw away from the vantage point of Knox Lookout. From this elevated perspective, the intricate dance of Knox Gorge merging with Wittenoom Gorge comes to life, offering a profound understanding of the elemental forces that crafted this awe-inspiring landscape. This is an ancient realm of our Earth, where the gradual yet majestic process of erosion has sculpted a distinctive panorama from rocks that bear witness to more than 2,000 million years of history. Embarking on the trail, we descend into the gorge, passing by resilient fig trees that tenaciously cling to the rugged rock walls. The journey unfolds amidst rocks to scramble over and tranquil pools inviting the adventurous to take a refreshing swim. This immersive experience allows us to connect with the geological narrative of a landscape shaped by time, creating a memorable finale to our exploration of Karijini National Park. In the afternoon, you have the option of being dropped off at either your accommodation in Tom Price or Paraburdoo Airport in time for flight QF1625 departing Paraburdoo 18:00, arrive Perth 19:45. We do not recommend booking flights any earlier then this as we cannot guarantee sufficient arrival time.

Meals:  B,L



The map and elevation chart are for illustrative purposes only and meant to provide general guidelines.


  • 6 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 6 dinners + snacks
  • 4 nights glamping accommodation nestled amongst nature in Karijini National Park
  • 2 nights comfortable lodgings at charming Bullara Station
  • Emergency communications and group first aid kit
  • Transport during the trip
  • All entrance and national park fees
  • Professional wilderness guide and support staff

  • Airfares
  • Pre or post tour accommodation
  • Items of personal nature such as laundry and postage
  • Backpacks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Face masks and hand sanitiser


Trail Surface




This adventure caters to individuals with a moderate level of fitness and competent swimming skills. Tailored for the enthusiastic and adventurous seeking a unique experience, the trip has been graded as moderate. Although the walks are generally not lengthy, they involve traversing numerous rocks, presenting a challenge for those unaccustomed to balancing. Expect rocky, stony, and mountainous terrains that require daily navigation over rugged, sometimes narrow paths, featuring steep ascents and descents. While all walks are under 10 km, each poses its own challenges, including rocky terrain and varied elevations. Preparation is crucial. We advise engaging in one hour of strenuous exercise four times a week, such as cycling, jogging, or walking. Incorporate a weekly walk with a weighted day pack (4–7 kg) for several hours to enhance leg strength and aerobic fitness. Training should encompass walking on steep and unstable surfaces like shale, rocks, and narrow paths. Be ready to utilise your upper body for climbing, scrambling, and maneuvering along ledges. Simulating the specific activities of the trip, such as walking on uneven terrain, is the most effective way to prepare for this active holiday.

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Holiday Season
A holiday season supplement applies for any trips that overlap with a public holiday.

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Options & Supplements*
  • Whale Shark Tour (March - July) - Observer Only (stay onboard boat)AUD$250
  • Deluxe Tent with Ensuite Upgrade Per Person (twin share)AUD$300
  • Off Peak Whale Shark & Ningaloo Reef Tour (August - October) - Child (up to 17 years old)AUD$350
  • Off Peak Whale Shark & Ningaloo Reef Tour (August - October) - AdultAUD$400
  • Whale Shark Tour (March - July) - Child (up to 17 years old)AUD$400
  • Whale Shark Tour (March - July) - AdultAUD$480
  • Single SupplementAUD$650
  • Single Supplement + Deluxe Tent with Ensuite UpgradeAUD$1250
*Prices listed are per person

Essential Information

Ready to book? Make sure you download and read the detailed Karijini and Ningaloo Reef Explorer (West to East) trip notes which contains all the essential information you need to know before booking. Once you’ve booked, we will supply you with a Pre-Departure document which contains a detailed gear list and other important information to help you prepare for your adventure ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no Whale Shark tour as a part of this tour itinerary however there is an optional Whale Shark tour, available for inclusion in your itinerary prior to your scheduled tour departure. Additional costs apply. For pricing details and bookings, kindly consult your reservations consultant. The boat company provides standard adult rates, family rates, and observer-only (non-swimming) rates for your convenience. Whale Sharks are more common in the area between March and July.

The terrain is rocky and uneven, and there is a lot of ascending and descending – both for the peaks and the gorge walks.

This trip is for almost anyone with a moderate level of fitness and competent swimming ability. The walks are not long, but you will be walking on rocky and uneven terrain, so balance, agility and strength are very important on this trip. You will need to be comfortable walking on rocky paths, and at times, scrambling or shuffling through narrow gorges. If you have any questions about your suitability please give us a call and speak with one of our staff members. We are more than happy to discuss additional information about what you can expect.

The trip runs from April through to August, with departures in May, June and July generally being cooler and dryer. Departures up to July generally offer the best chance of whale shark sightings if you are joining the optional whale shark tour for an additional cost.

Days are usually dry in the low 30’s. However, some evenings can be very chilly, particularly in June in the Karijini, with overnight temperatures dipping to minimums of 10 - 15 deg. It can rain at any time, so please be prepared.

Due to flight schedules the itinerary varies slightly according to arrival time. All departure dates will still go to all the same gorges and sights. Limited flight schedules into the area necessitate group arrival flights into Exmouth (Learmonth) as listed below to line up with the included group transfer. The itineraries are listed below.



QF1602 depart Perth 08:40, arrive Exmouth (Learmonth) 10:40


QF1602 depart Perth 10:10, arrive Exmouth (Learmonth) 12:10

If you aren’t travelling on the group flight you must arrive BEFORE the group flight as the group cannot wait for later flight arrivals.

If you wish to explore the area further prior to your tours departure we can alternatively offer a complimentary pickup in Exmouth town on day one of your tour. If you wish to choose this option, please discuss this with your reservations consultant.

There is patchy phone coverage in Karijini National Park however in some of the higher spots like Mount Bruce you may get a text away! In Tom Price and Exmouth you should be able to get reception from most service providers, however Telstra and Optus tend to be the most reliable. Optus is the most reliable service provider in Karijini National Park.

We have the ability to charge cameras/phones/ipads/kindles in the vehicle. However, we can only charge two or three at a time. Bring your own USB charging cables. Please ensure your cameras are fully charged at the start of the tour.

Any excess luggage can be stored at your pre/post tour accommodation in Perth.

Hiking poles can definitely assist you with going up and down the inclines and for stability. If you have not used them previously, we recommend that you do some training with them before you head out on the hike.

This tour is fully vehicle supported. You will carry just a day pack containing the items you need during the day (including water, sun hat, snacks, lunch, camera, waterproof and warm layers). This is likely to weigh between 4-7kg.

No. Guides will provide you with drinking water each day.

Karijini National Park and Ningaloo Reef Trip reviews

Positive Impact Travel

By joining this trip you are directly supporting positive impact projects in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We’ve offset the carbon emitted by this trip by purchasing credits that support important projects that address the UN’s seventeen SDGs, like reducing poverty, affordable and clean energy, reducing hunger, clean water and climate action.

Proceeds from this adventure purchase carbon credits through the world’s largest and most awarded carbon project developer, South Pole, which are invested into projects accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources in developing countries.

Supported projects are based on internationally recognised standards and are third-party audited. They entail a series of positive impacts on the ground, which benefit local communities and ecosystems, that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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