Encompassing the entire northwest of Western Australia, The Kimberley is a sparsely inhabited, spectacularly remote region of dramatic and challenging landscapes.

Much of the region is expansive wilderness, untouched and untamed by roads and other infrastructure, making it a destination that requires extra time and preparation, but one that is incredibly rewarding.

This breathtaking landscape—which is twice the size of Victoria and three times that of England—is swathed in vast tropical savannah, studded with tabletop mountains and striking rocky domes, bordered by an irregular and largely inaccessible coastline and crisscrossed by magnificent gorges and waterfalls.

Join us as we head outback to hike through the mind-blowing desert scenery of the Bungle Bungle Ranges and Piccaninny Gorge, bushwalk through a hinterland dotted with ancient indigenous artworks, arid grasslands and stands of lush rainforest, and cruise along an impenetrable coastline of rugged sandstone plateaus cut with steep gorges and secret swimming holes.

The landscapes on offer here are so overwhelming in their beauty and isolation that they simply must be seen once in your life. If The Kimberley wasn’t already on your travel bucket list, it is now.



Exceptional Leadership

As our client feedback will attest to, there is no better team of leaders than those at Australian Walking Holidays. Their expertise & knowledge is matched only by their friendly nature and their desire to impart everything they know about the Australian landscape to you.

Small Groups

We think small is good; it limits the environmental impact and allows you to forge life-long friendships with like-minded travellers. Feedback from our clients attests to the appeal of the small group dynamic – our clients say it's this that makes it special.

Your Comfort

The best available food, warmth and shelter is standard on our active wilderness holidays, with selected character lodgings as well as quality camp craft and equipment. This ensures that you have the most rewarding and memorable experience.


Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel is at the core of everything we do, which is why have policies in place to ensure destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity. Environmental values filter through every aspect of the company, from the minimal impact camping procedures through to the interpretation of environment. The aim is to give you big adventures while we maintain a small footprint!


Thanks to a wet season during summer and parts of autumn, the Kimberley region is lush, green and not too hot during winter. June and July are the prime trekking months in the area, when daily temperatures average at about 30 degrees, and evenings can be cooler, dropping to around 15 degrees. Evenings in areas like the Bungle Bungles have been known to drop dramatically when a cold easterly wind blows – sometimes to close to zero, so while we generally recommend sleeping under mosquito nets, it’s advisable to bring layers so that you can warm up when / if temperatures drop in the evening. Due to the small window of pleasant weather, visitors may find that they need to book ahead for trips in June and July. Unlike other seasons, winter weather is fairly predictable and you can be (almost) guaranteed clear blue skies day after day, with almost 0% chance of rain!


By October, temperatures in Purnululu are starting to hit the late 30’s – and even up to 50 on some days. With such constant heat, waterholes have dried up by now and the landscape is brown, dusty and hot! Towards the end of spring is the build up to the wet season, with big storm clouds on the horizon and strong winds. We do not run any trips during spring as these months are too hot and unsuitable to trek in.


Summer brings with it rain, rain and more rain! With such high temperatures in the late 30’s combined with the high rainfall, the humidity in the region can be incredible uncomfortable. Many tourist shops close during summer as highways and major roads get flooded and cut off. We do not run any trips during summer as these months are too wet, hot and unsuitable to trek in.


Autumn is the tail end of the wet season, so while the rain has eased off a little bit, the temperatures are still high enough to make the area’s humidity unbearable. Most unsealed roads are still closed from the wet season rains, and accessibility is still very limited. We do not run any trips during autumn as these months are too hot and unsuitable to trek in.

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